I’ll take Zombies over Racists, Rapists, and Wife Beaters any day-Dean W. Williams

December 21, 2010

I understand what this article is trying to say. Its trying to say that there is nothing worse out there than racists, rapists, or wife beaters. These people are the scum of the earth and deserve nothing else but to live in unhappiness and misery for the rest of their lives. But to say that you rather run into a zombie than when of these three types of people, is ridiculous.

I understand that the author of this article is not being literal, but to compare these people to a zombie is stretching it. First of all zombies are fictional characters and we don’t actually know if they are racist or not. Actually in most zombie movies, the zombies target mostly hispanic people and women. So clearly this article is false because if the writer did his research then he would know that zombies do discriminate. The one thing the writer got correct was that zombies do eat everything in sight but they target mostly women and hispanics. Other than the false zombie comments, I do agree with the article that racists, rapists, and wife beaters are the cum of the earth.


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