I am a feminist because…-Dean W. Williams

December 21, 2010

The writer of this article explains her first reaction in her first women’s studies class. She explains that she is not a feminist because she hates men, but she is a feminist because women are strong and independent, because women have rights, because there are some women that still do not have a voice, and lastly she says that feminism is awesome.

My case was a lot different. The reason that I wanted to take women’s studies was because it seemed like a very interesting class and I thought that taking it would give me a different perspective on gender, race, and class. Throughout the semester I actually enjoyed my women’s studies class but I am definitely not a feminist. Even though feminists don’t want to be viewed as angry women that have something against men, it seems like it. Whenever I read articles about feminists it sounds like they are just mad men hating women. I understand that feminism is a very important issue but sometimes the view I get from it, is its just a bunch of man hating women complaining about stuff.


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