Media reaction # 2- Iftekhar Hannan

December 8, 2010

Wouldn’t Get far – The Game ft. Kanye West

“Wouldn’t get far” is a track from ” The Doctors Advocate” by The game. In this particular track that features Kanye West, it talks about women in Hip hop. More specifically women in Hip hop videos. When rappers speak about women usually they refer to them in a derogatory manor. Often rappers use the “B” word when talking about women. Not only this but also they are portrayed to only degrade women. In this song  The Game and Kanye west call out these “video vixens” and show them in a negative way. They say they have sexual relations with rappers so they can get famous. In one of The Game’s verses he says how he sees the same video models in different rap videos and then appearing on the Oprah show.

I think this song shows how rappers view women but it also shows how women in these videos present themselves. The way the song is written it is like Kanye West and The Game are talking about every video model. I think its derogatory to women and can be said in a less offensive way.



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