Disney Princess movies sending the wrong message

December 8, 2010

Nayasia Nieves

For as long as I can remember Disney movies with the princesses such as Cinderella, Snow white, Little Mermaid etc. has always been a hit. Every little girl enjoys dressing up as them for Halloween and watching their movies, but have we ever thought about the morals they are putting into these movies. As I thought about it more and more Disney is portraying and supporting the act of slaving and having to be beautiful to find a man. In the movie Cinderella to her evil stepmother and sisters don’t think she has the qualities of a “princess” so they restrict her freedom and force her to chores. Are they trying to relate females having to be beautiful to find love?

Finally after years since princesses have been around Disney decided to make a African American princess. But of course in this new movie “The Princess and the frog” first of all the setting is in New Orleans which where is known to be a poor area where many blacks lived. They also have the image of a black girl doing hard working duties and having to wait for her white friend to help her move on. Also before they changed the name of this movie it was called “the princess frog”. More over what this movie basically shows children and black little girls is that your hard work will never pay off; you need white friends to become something in life and to not dream so big because you are black. Disney movies need to be more positive when they are making movies, especially ones that little kids enjoy watching and look up too.


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