Experimentations of a teenage feminist -Abortion

December 7, 2010

Nayasia Nieves

As a female who is Pro-Choice towards abortion I found myself able to relate this article by Danielle Burch. In her blog post about abortion she discusses the stereotypes and mal judgments made by others about us who are pro-choice. When a female thinks of abortion or actually gets one there is no doubt about it people are automatically going to assume negative of her. Assumptions such as Danielle mentions “Inhuman baby killers” are a terrible way to judge a person, especially with out knowing their reason. Every women deciding on abortion has there own reasoning. As a US citizen we have the freedom to make our own choices, we don’t need anyone criticizing us for what we choose do to with our bodies. Another stereotype of abortion is that people assume those who get it are just irresponsible and should have “wrapped it up”, NOT TRUE! There are many reasons for abortion such as health/medical conditions, birth defects, birth-control failure, financial stability, rape etc. the list goes on. Women who are pro-choice and leave abortion as an option don’t celebrate the act of ending a baby’s life. No woman wants to suffer and go through the pain and after thoughts of an abortion, but are we happy we have a choice in what we want and can help make better someone? We most definitely are. Statistics show 77% of Anti Abortion leaders are men, 100% of them will never be pregnant. How can they make decisions on something they will never experience is beyond me. Abortion is a personal choice, and no woman choosing it should be judged in any way for it. It is her body and her life she should have the freedom to do as she pleases.


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