The myth of a latin women

November 29, 2010

After reading and analyzing an article given t o me in class called “The Myth of a

latin woman” by Judice Ortiz Cofer i realized Race and gender is an extremely big deal to

society, and it is not fair in a negative way. People are very quick to be judgmental and

put a label on someone because of their appearance. If you compare the way things used

to be in the past, to the way things are now in the world you will notice a drastic change

about almost everything. However, one thing that seems to be the same is Racism and the

sex of a person.

An example of racism in this article is when the young female Maria was selling her

poetry work in the restaurant. A man with no sense right away thought she was a

waitress and starting singing a disrespectful song in spanish thinking she was a “typical

latina” especially cause of her accent. When reality is that she’s a very successful graduate

with more knowledge than most people. Of course people will always remember the

stereotype given to us Hispanics as whores, criminals and low lives but if you look at the

big picture every race has these type of people and its not fair to judge everyone upon it.

We are all individuals and shouldn’t be categorized and labeled under one stereotype

because we all can make a difference.

Furthermore, another example is when one day at school it was carrier day. The

whole class had to dress up like a professional they were inspired by on television. Except

Maria’s only role model was her mom. At her home when they heard the words “dress

up” it had a totally different understanding. The hispanic culture’s meaning of dress up is

to wear lots of jewelry , heels, make-up and a sexy dress. This applied to almost all ages

as young as about 10 because latin woman are supposed to mature early in life. So, the

next day Maria goes to school like the professional outfit she viewed in her eyes and

everyone humiliated her. When people have no consideration for others it can really put

a person down. Why should the way she dresses because of her culture degrade her as

human in any way?

Not only in the article with Maria, but in life period everything is focused on gender

and race. These two things should be the most irrelevant because it shouldn’t matter if

your black or white, fat or skinny, male or female. When it comes to a job if you have the

personality that fits the task , have a great work ethic and handle your responsibilities i

don’t understand why the prejudice thoughts are even brought up or acknowledged. A

book should never be judged by it’s cover because its whats in the inside that counts.


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