Coopers Beer Advertisments and Women as sex symbols.

November 29, 2010

As I read an article and watched the Coopers Beer commercial I felt disrespected as a women. In the commercial there is a heavy set women and the beer logo in the cornesr. The obvious message that is being shown is that when you drink there beer, and get drunk any women looks “sexy”. However I don’t feel like this is right because the world will now view this and have that corrupt state of mind about women in general not only big women. However, it is an extra mean advertisement because now over weight women will have less confidence and maybe even do something harmful to them selves because of the way people look at them. In my opinion women shouldn’t be judged by their looks or weight, personally should be 90% of what the person is made of and judged upon. Beer Companies shouldn’t use women in their advertisements as sex symbols, it should be advertised by examples of fun at parties and gatherings.


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