Racism Must End

November 10, 2010

While reading the article on Wendy Carrillo’s blog entitled “A salvi-Chicana Identity”, anger rose within me as I learned that the article was about a female, who was being mistreated due to her race.” Being a strong believer in equality, it was heartbreaking to know that a little girl was ostracized due to her being of different t Latin American decent. Growing up all she wanted was to fit in to avoid the question “where are you from?” but in high school she could not. Wanting to join a club at her school she was denied entry due to her being El Salvadorian. That is just not right. We spend years trying to treat everyone as equal yet society makes it almost impossible by passing judgment on anything different. This girl was human and in want of involvement in her school and nothing more. Since society has such a large impact on the way we think, it end up taking years to try and change the way society has trained us to think. I feel that racism must come to an end and that we should keep trying till it subsides and or is terminated. Stories like this touch me and help me to also realize that other races face troubles. Racism must end.



One Response to “Racism Must End”

  1. nnieves Says:

    I agree with everything you have to say. Racism isnt right and totally not fair. When people are racist they are missing out and alot of talent that probably couldnt be founds somewhere else. Everyone is unique in their own way and could be beneficial to society. Although discrimination took place many years ago it still exist today even if its not right. Ive been in many situations where I feel neglected because i am spanish and it is not a good feeling. My skin color and race shouldnt make me no differant from everyone else because if you really think about it we are all humans and created from the same place. In my mind we are all brothers and sisters of differant colors.

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