November 10, 2010

“Reading an article entitled “Candies tells girls to be “sexy” virgins” written by Danielle Burch influenced me to really appreciate the advertising awareness of teen pregnancy by Candies, which is a production company, who not only advertises awareness, but abstinence advocacy as well. I don’t believe that they should promote the two because neither expresses their consequences. If people really do want o prevent their children from becoming pregnant or contracting an STI, educate them. It is time not only for the parents but also for the media to take action and educate!  Also in this article ,Bristol Palin, teen mother and daughter to the ex-governor of Alaska was used as an example to also express how your rank in class can determine your outcome of unwise decisions. As an upper class female her commercial showed that she would not suffer from her poor decision due to her access to money, but that the women that don’t would be doomed. Is that always the case? I don’t think so. No matter what class you reside in, all consequences of the uneducated young minds should be equal.



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