Media Reaction#2

November 4, 2010

Kye Allums, the NCAA’s first Div. 1 publicly transgender basketball player

Kye Allums is an ordinary college junior who plays for the George Washington Woman’s basketball. He is the first transgender to play for the Division I college basketball. He felt something different about himself since he was young. When he saw himself in a girl’s body,he felt nothing like a girl inside. Allums had a hard time in high school as a teenager because he didn’t feel like he belonged to a certain group. He wasn’t able to get along with the other teenager girls because of different preferences. He preferred to dress in sweats and t-shirts, while the teenager girls enjoyed getting a manicure. In high school, he joined the lesbian club because for once he felt like that’s who he is. In the end the lesbian club wasn’t what he had in mind and realizes that it was his gender identity that bothers him. Every time his friends titled him as she or Kay-Kay, he didn’t feel like that’s who he is. He wanted to be called as Kye and be titled as him instead.

In college freshman year, he found out which social group he belonged to and concluded himself as transgender. He wanted to share this decision with his teammates and his coach, hoping that they will understand. He was afraid of being kick out of the team and losing his sports scholarship for college. When he told his coach, the surprising reaction was that his coach Bozeman supported him because they are a family. The NCAA Convention Gender Equity and Issues Forum agreed with his choice and let him continue to play only if he doesn’t decide on getting hormone changes or surgery for the time being. Allums decides to finish the season of basketball and proceed with the surgery in the year 2012 with the support of his teammates, coach and family.

Allums was so brave to announce to the world that he was a transgender and being honest to everyone including the basketball division. Sometimes transgender are stereotyped as homosexuals and they don’t carry out their sexual scripts. Allums was supposed to carry out the acts and duties of a woman according to society. I was surprised and touched by the article because he was so truthful about his feelings. He wants people to understand and support him.


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