Media Reaction 2: Candy Chen

November 3, 2010

Cassandra Clare latest book, “Clockwork Angel” (The Infernal Devices Series), the protagonist, Tessa Gray questions the role of women and men. Finding out that there is a secret organization that fights demons, vampire, etc., Tessa also finds out that women in this organization fights along the side of men. She thought this was weird because women are suppose to be graceful, polite, and peaceful. Tessa is not the only one who thinks this was improper, Jessica a young girl who is part of the organization doesn’t want to fight any of the monsters, she just wants to get marry so she could be a proper lady. I understand that at their time, women were taught to be gentle, weak, and to have the idea of men should always protect the women in their heads. However this secret organization is a form of catalyst that sparks a new idea to the world that women is  equal with men. This book is written during the modern time and not in the past to encourage change within the women’ ideal way on living, however there were organization, feminist movement to encourage this in the past.


One Response to “Media Reaction 2: Candy Chen”

  1. 10allent Says:

    This book seems interesting I think books that have strong heroic female characters is a great way to show that not all woman are “damsel in distress”. I like the fact that this organization is taking a stand for woman’s rights during their time period.

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