Media Reaction 2

November 3, 2010

Disney  movies show unrealistic distortions of the female body. With tiny waists, flawless skin,  big breasts, and big hips this is a main factor as to why teenage girls fall into eating disorders and depression.  Growing up with these idealized images of  female bodies it has given girls  a false way of how women should look like. This puts more pressure towards girls because they not only try to look like this false image to society but to attract the opposite sex. Since our entire generation has grown up with Disney movies it has also given boys unrealistic expectations of the human body whether it be male or female. In all the Disney movies the protagonists or hero is a strong man with overly muscular bodies and boyish charm.




2 Responses to “Media Reaction 2”

  1. cckazu Says:

    I agree because the Disney characters are made to perfection, that we envy and want to have figures and lives like them that we would put in every effort to achieve what they have. However life if not about looks, but what makes who we are, so I don’t think women should worst so much of their effort to perfect themselves, but to live lives to who we really are.

  2. S. Tan Says:

    I agree because Disney character is somehow shown as the perfect standard. There is no one in this world that can look like any of the characters shown. Girls are influenced to look a certain way since young and want to have the body like the characters.

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