Media Reaction 2–False Advertisements??

November 2, 2010

Everywhere we look whether its commercials, advertisements on the train or magazines that come in our mailboxes the meaning of advertising has changed.  The advertising techniques that are being used surrounds sex and attracting the opposite gender.

Everyone knows the infamous Axe commercials.  The guy is seen to be more appealing and attractive by women when he wears the AXE body spray/deodorant.  The consumer believes that he will be more attractive when he buys this product and instantly goes and buys it…Like my brothers.  I recently saw an advertisement for the Express perfume for women.  The female is wearing a hot pink dress and is surrounded by male models.  Like the AXE commercial, the Express perfume for women is conveying if women wear this perfume they will be more attractive to males.  These are just a few examples, brands like Dior, Estee Lauder, Guess, Armani Exchange, and Chanel use similar advertising techniques.

Brands need to generate alternative advertising techniques, it may attract consumers buy it is not conveying positive images of males and females.  Male and females products should not be seen as attraction methods.



4 Responses to “Media Reaction 2–False Advertisements??”

  1. cckazu Says:

    In ads. you would never see a women that has a gut showing and if society would think that she is “ugly,” but you would also see a “beautiful, hot” woman doing the ads. Society is trying to pick this type of characters because they are trying to say that if you wear this type of clothes or type of perfume that you would attract the opposite sex.

  2. 10allent Says:

    This not only applies for guys perfume but for woman’s perfume as well. Commercials such as Brittany Spears perfume the woman is always showed as being seductive and sexual attracts the males.The woman always appears flawless and perfect and the male is always have a strong muscular physique. It’s sad because it gives society an unrealistic perception of how a woman and male should look like.

  3. S. Tan Says:

    I agree because the ads are protraying an image that this product will give woman attention. The ads are so sexual and it seems like that’s how every product is sold now. It is not only perfume ads that use this method, but selling lipstick will convince woman to buy so they can attract men

  4. Jaklina Lumaj Says:

    I definitely agree with the fact that male and female products should not be seen as attraction methods, however i believe this is simply the way society interprets men and women, regardless. there have been way too many ads that use a specific product to attract the opposite sex, that it would so so out of the norm, to discontinue this habit.

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