We’re all the same color when you turn out the lights

October 31, 2010

A recent incident regarding a suicide has been the hit in a lot of the Medias around and the topic of everyone’s conversations. At Rutgers University in the state in New Jersey, there was an 18 year old freshman named Tyler Clementi living on campus. On September 23rd it is believed that Tyler jumped off the George Washington Bridge. His body was found north of the GWB sometime after the incident. Tyler Clementi was a homosexual and was openly out about his sexually. Two classmates from Rutgers setup a hidden camera in his dorm room to record and post his sexual activity. Both of the two classmates, Dharun and Molloy have been charged with two counts each of invasion of privacy for the webcam broadcast. If the two are convicted for third degree offenses they could serve up to 5 years in prison. In the article I was reading it says “According to Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan, it is a fourth-degree crime to collect or view images depicting nudity or sexual content of an individual without that person’s consent. The crime becomes a third-degree offense if the images are transmitted or distributed.” This is a serious offense not to mention a hate crime. If he would have been respected then he might still have his life. All throughout high school and even college we are taught about sexuality and of all the different sexual orientations. We have read books written by homosexual authors, we see have seen public celebrity figures that are homosexuals and we see in our every day lives homosexuals, without even realizing it. The reason we don’t hate is because we don’t know, but the reason for that is because they are just like us. When you look at a person you don’t see their sexual orientation written across their face, you see the person. Through Gender we see how differently people are judged if they are open about their homosexuality. Gender affects this issue because most girls accept guys being gay, in fact they most likely have many gay guy friends but on the other hand a lot of guys would rather not be associated with gay guys because they do not want to be viewed as gay themselves. Also is someone’s sexual orientation is classified as bi, they are usually viewed as very promiscuous and looked at as a “slut” because they are more active due to the interest in both genders. Many people have problems with homosexuality and tend to be viewed as something known as a “homophobic”. Someone who is has a homophobia has negative attitudes when around gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, transgender and intersex people. This behavior is very similar to discrimination. A lot of homophobias lead to violence, predation, and negative energies. In my opinion I agree that gender is not an act it is a biological fact that is uncontrollable, just like the color of your skin. If more people viewed homosexuality as nothing out of the ordinary then maybe that heartless act that pushed Tyler to take his life would have occurred.


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