Rebel Grrrl Italiana :D hahah

October 20, 2010

I choose Rebel Grrrl Italiana in all honesty because the title sounded the most fascinating and lured me right in. What I found interesting about this blog was the discoveries are very true and I agree with them. Your period is not your “period” if you are on the pill strictly because you are not feeling all the downsides of it. When you get your period you get cramps, bloated, get mood swings and are very tired, with the pill you don’t have to deal with mainly any of these. I found it funny when the author gave examples of all the ways people say that they simply have their menstrual cycle. In china they say “Little sister has come” I found that to be very comical due to the fact that they are comparing having your period as having your little sister. Little sisters are viewed as an annoyance and your period is definitely annoying to almost all women. In Latin America they say for instance that “Jenny has a red dress on” the red is referring to the color of blood and that basically that period is written all over her because it is obvious due to her actions. There are also sayings having to do with variations of strawberries, cherries, cranberries and tomato soup because they are variations of red liquids. I also agree with the fact that the world is uncomfortable with discussing menstruation even though it is a known fact all women go through it and it has been around since the beginning of time. People do need to get over it. By bringing up all the different sayings people use to say women have their period it is bringing up a stay gender and class issue. It is a gender issue because only women have to go through menstruation. This also can be a class issue because getting medicine and being on the pill can be very expensive and not everyone has good medical coverage. The concept of women and their menstrual cycle is not problematic, it is not doubtful. I believe this blog holds truth and value that everyone knows women get their period.



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