Oh, You’re a Feminist?! bc2

October 13, 2010

Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is probably one of the funnest holidays. Children see it as a time to have fun and dress up as their favorite character or future careers they might like. Noone really thinks about the influences of these costumes on the children. If you look through the costumes for boys you usually see doctors and military men and power rangers, but when you check out the girls costumes all you find is princesses and “superstars”. Most of these costumes for girls are also pretty revealing and I agree with the blog on how girls don’t have much options. These costumes show how “reinforce stereotypes” by showing that women have to try to be succesful by using their bodies, but men can make it by using their minds.

I never thought about that before. I always enjoyed halloween and just thought it was fun to dress up like a princess and stuff, but now it shows how basically everything in the world revolves around these gender roles and stereo types.  The blog also showed how female teen costumes become alot more revealing than the young girls costumes. I think that might also have an influence on these little girls who want to be like there older sisters/cousins on halloween and want to be able to wear the same revealing costumes their older sisters/cousins wear.


One Response to “Oh, You’re a Feminist?! bc2”

  1. Jaklina Lumaj Says:

    I definitely agree with the fact that we do see a lot of this during halloween. It’s the concept that girls have to play their gender role and be something that is associated with “girly and cute” and this should be more of a controversial topic than it is. Not to overstress it, but why would it be less accepted for a girl to be dressed as a footbal player than it would for a girl?

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