Pink and Blue – blogging connections 2

October 12, 2010

After reading “Pink and Blue” on fbomb all i can say is wow. The blog post was about how parents  want and prefer boys over girls. In some parts of the world like India and China, if the baby turns out to be a girl then they kill the baby. Even though in North America we don’t take it to that extent we still have the same feelings towards having a girl rather than a boy. Both mothers and fathers  say they want boys instead of girls. It then goes into how to raise children the same and equally so that this idea that boys are better would change.

I completely agree with the author about people wanting boys and I also find it surprising that mothers would choose a boy over a girl. She makes valid points for example  “Let’s raise them to be independent, successful, and smart people someday. We are really damaging our children by raising them based on gender roles. If children are treated the same way, then they will see that. And they will never think of a reason why sexism should exist.” This stood out to me the most because its true. If we raise kids according to their gender role I think it will only limit them. If a girl wants to play sports she will feel its not with in her gender so it might be looked down upon and might have a hard time. Same goes for boys, if he wants to start dancing what if his friends start making fun of him because its not manly.


One Response to “Pink and Blue – blogging connections 2”

  1. Jaklina Lumaj Says:

    Yes, i also agree that it is definitely not a good thing that children are raised having specific gender roles. Boys are expected to do boy things, such as wrestle, play video games, and sports; while girls are expected to play with their dolls and dress up in their moms hells all day.

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