Nayasia Nieves “pink and blue”

October 12, 2010

Nayasia Nieves

In a women’s life being able to give birth to a child is one of the most precious gifts that she may ever encounter. Besides the fact of producing a newborn human being, it is a part of her; it is apart of the world’s future and it is also that start of a new generation. Getting the news of what your child’s gender may be is exciting for most women. In countries such as China and India finding out if your child is a boy or girl may be the most devastating news you may ever come across.

After reading the blog “blue or pink” it made me realize how grateful I am to be an American. In those countries such as China and India they are not allowed to keep baby girls. Once the female is aware of her child’s gender, if it is a baby girl she must be aborted. When a mother has to abort her baby for being a girl she will most likely try again until she has a boy. It is sad how females are looked upon today. Boys should not have any better treatment then females; we should all be looked and raised with the same restrictions and guidelines. Females and males should not be rationalized differently, also defining the color “pink” for a baby girl and “blue” for a baby boy is not right.

Aborting a baby because of its gender is beyond disturbing. Although the baby is not born it can still feel the pain. Knowing the reason of getting the abortion because the baby is a female is absurd; who’s to say a male has anything over females. A female is just as capable as a male when it comes to anything working, learning, and caring. The should be no right to abort a child with giving it a chance to live, and seeing what they will have to offer in the future.


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