Blogging Connection #2: BODY LANGUAGE: Body Secrets (What have you been told to hide?)

October 12, 2010

In the blog Girl With Pen, there is an interesting post titled “BODY LANGUAGE: Body Secrets (What have you been told to hide?).  This post discus how young women are supposed to disguise their flaws whether it’s a disability or a pimple.  The guest author, Laura Maffei shares her personal experience when she was told to hide her disability.  When she was twelve years old she was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, on her way home her mother told her only her aunt and uncle would know about her disability and that she was to keep this a secret.  She kept her disability a secret well into adulthood, she disguised it by wearing super control top hosiery and lying to her gym teacher about how many sit-ups she could do.  She finally realized that she had to accept herself for who she is, not who society wants her to be.

Every female can connect to Maffei’s story; at one point or another they have been told to hide or disguise an imperfection, flaw or sickness.  Our close ones may think they are protecting us by telling us to disclose our imperfections, they are not.  When we are told to hide an imperfection it portrays the message that we will not be accepted unless this flaw is hidden.  This can cause self-esteem issues; females will alter themselves just to fit in, to be the ideal person the media and society want them to be.  This is problematic, females should be accepted for who they are not how they look.  They should be accepted for their talents not for their figures or perfect skin.  Girls shouldn’t be told to hide or cover their shortcomings, they should be told to embrace them.  The ideal girl and woman shouldn’t be based on what we see on TV and magazines it should be what one wants to be.


One Response to “Blogging Connection #2: BODY LANGUAGE: Body Secrets (What have you been told to hide?)”

  1. Jaklina Lumaj Says:

    Your mentality about the matter is very straight-forward and i agree with you completely. Nobody should have to hide who they are, whether male or female. They should love themselves and embrace their identities, not shy away from them, because that really does lead to very low self-esteem, which can always escalate to something much worse.

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