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October 11, 2010

In the blog “Lots of Coverage, Very Little Plan for Action” many gay guys have committed suicide over the past 3 weeks. The fifth guy who died was Chase from Johnson & Whales University. The dean of the school sent out an email condolence the family and friends of Chase and that was it. He did not mention how he was going to prevent this from happening again and what problems needed to be resolved. The dean was not the only others have been doing little from preventing this and not much action is taking place. Since these people are not doing much students on Facebook made a group to wear purple on October 20 for the guys who committed suicide. This blog is important because harassment and be bullied for being  gay is not right. This needs to stop and action should take place especially in the schools. People are who they are just because they are gay does not mean they are different and they shouldnt get bullied for it!


One Response to “Blogging connection 2”

  1. nicolep17 Says:

    I completely agree with this topic because I feel that people in general should not be bullied or harrased because it can cause emotional distress or even suicide and recently this issue has become a major trending topic and people should stop doing this because it is wrong.

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