blogging connection #2

October 11, 2010

Pink and Blue (The F Bomb)

When a couple or family has a baby it is supposed to be a very happy and joyous time in one’s life but sometimes determining the sex of your child can be joyful and in some cases disappointing or disastrous.  In some countries in parts of Asia and India, a family is frowned upon for having a girl because having a boy meant that they would carry the traditional family name as well as the inherited genes, bloodline.  The boys in these countries usually are treated completely different than the girls.  Since the boys are favored more they usually are spoiled with more love and care as well as a better education because they felt men were stronger and more worthwhile so therefore they deserved a better foundation so that they can have a good life.  Women on the other hand, were treated completely different since they were considered    “worthless” in society.  Women born in these countries do not receive the same opportunities a man would like perhaps better clothing or even an education.  Usually the most significance a woman has to the family is being married off, where the family may receive money for giving their daughters away.

Once I read this article I was extremely shocked and disappointed because I feel that a family should be happy and accept whatever sex of a child they may receive and everyone should be treated equally.  It’s a shame that some women go as far as aborting their babies once they find out the sex of their child.  Many women say they do it more so because they prefer to not have them be born and suffer so they just end their lives prematurely. In many countries there are more men than women in the population in the result of this occurrence.  People should learn to accept and appreciate the children they will bear and have bared into this world because at the end of the day we need both male and females to populate the earth in the years to come.  Hopefully the unfairness towards women in other countries stops and people realize that this in fact extremely wrong and that everyone should be treated equally.


One Response to “blogging connection #2”

  1. nayasian Says:

    I agree, i felt just the same. Having a baby is suppose to be exciting for families especially those who have been trying to become pregnant. The gender of the baby should not determine its existence.

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