Pink and Blue (The f bomb)

October 10, 2010

Having a baby is an exciting and happy moment, but revealing the sex of the baby can become a fatal disaster. In countries such as China and India, the sex of the baby determine if they are allow to be born into this world. The comparison of a boy’s life and a girl’s life can be heartbreaking for those who don’t live in these countries. The boys in the family usually get all the love from his parents and are well educated. He is always spoiled because he is supposed to carry the bloodline and the family name. But if the baby is a girl, she won’t be able to live nor has an opportunity to see the world. If the baby girl does survive she will always be reminded that she is only a girl and soon be married off.  Parents are supposed to cherish their babies regardless of gender.

 I was shocked when I read this blog because this stereotype is exist in this modern day that boys are more important that girls. It is so sad to hear that women abort their baby because it is a girl and continue to do this until they have a boy. Even if the baby is immature in the womb, the baby can still feel the pain. This is why so many countries have more men than women, resulting the cross country or city marriage. Women and men should be equal in every way but why babies can’t be equal too. I hope that people will forget about the difference of a boy or a girl, but let them have a chance to live in this world. No one have the right to end a human beings’ life just because of gender.


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