Barbara’s and Choice Campus Blogs: Candy Chen

October 9, 2010

Breast Cancer:

I do not understand why the color for Breast Cancer is pink, I have always thought that because girls are always associated with pink. Barbara Ehrenreich made an excellent point that pink is mostly associated with being a “princess color,” and “instead of embracing the full spectrum of human colors–black, brown, red, yellow, and white.” The ribbons should represent who we are and not the imaginary color that others think represent us. Also as women not only we suffer from Breast Cancer, but we have to deal with abortion. As a woman myself I think that we should have a choice if we would like to abort or not, however if a woman knows that she can’t have a child then use protection instead having herself be in a position in which she would have to fight her morals.

Domestic Violence:

Research shown that most domestic violence occurs in marriages and relationships. Most women let their boyfriend’s or husband’s to do something like that to time, but they won’t report the problem because they think that it won’t help with their problem. However they are just unaware of what programs to help them. Women should fight against what is happening within relationships and what goes around the household.


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