Why are trying so hard to fit in, when you’re born to stand out

October 4, 2010

A famous quote by Judy Garland “Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”  really applies to the blog F Bomb. In the blog F Bomb, Caitlin Crosby is an inspiration who is definitely trying to make the world of “perfectness” non-existent. What really lured me when reading this blog was the fact that her herself is a young girl who is strong enough to foresee perfectness and take a stand to enforce the concept that girls should love themselves for everything that they are. After reading some of her lyrics from her songs I gathered that she really is trying to make a point that its not worth the stress and agony trying to put yourself in some sort of category in each society has created. She also is saying that you should never be something that you are not, that individually is more valuable than fakeness. I also find it very interesting that she touches base upon the fact that she understands that in reality it is tough to pull yourself away from trying to achieve being perfect because it surrounds us everywhere we go. I believe that majority of girls experience this idea of being accepted by society at some point in their young life, and most likely again while they are older. I think more people should follow Caitlin’s footsteps and try to reach out to girls all over the world. Caitlin’s act towards “normalness” will truly change the lives of many girls. A lot of girls that are struggling with accepting their bodies and themselves usually end up with more serious problems. When you put the idea in your head that something is wrong with you, the more you want to change it and drastically. It is said that girls have very low self esteem for many reasons and by trying to be this idea of being “perfect”. The idea of Gender, Race and Class most definitely applies here. Females are mainly targeted more than men with being the “model/celebrity looking type”. Race is also a factor here due to racism. Girls might not be comfortable with their race due to intimidation of others and comments from peers. I think class is the most important topic out of the three when it comes to not accepting yourself. By trying to be these “perfect” girls others want to copy them and wear what they are wearing. Class can affect girls due to the cost of many products and items someone has. It can put you down if you don’t think your outfit owns up to these girls.

“Were all the same when we turn out the lights” is one of my favorite quotes and it holds true value that we are all the same when we are not looking and comparing one another.


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