Fbomb blogging connection-iftekhar hannan

October 4, 2010

I think the “fbomb” blogging website is a very good way for women to make their voices heard and for men to see a feminine perspective . As a male reading these articles made me see what women think about and go through. At first while browsing through the site I thought it would be about women just complaining about their problems  about being over weight and not living up to expectations, which i did see alot of, but as I kept on browsing I saw blogs deeper than that. Even though it may seem women and men are equal  they are not. I knew this before but the reasons aren’t as always as obvious. One post i found really interesting was “Easy A and sexuality.”

“Easy A and sexuality” was about the movie “Easy A”. In “Easy A” the main character faked having sex with guys in her school so that people would think they lost their virginity. However people started to look down upon her. In the blog the author spoke about the double standard that if a girl hooks up with more than one guy she is a slut but if a guy does it than hes praised for it. I think the double standard isn’t fair to girls but its something even girls think and say.  For example in the movie the girls were making a big deal out of it and attacking her making things difficult for her.

I think this site and this blog post is interesting. Everything we discussed in class is posted on this site. Since some of these posts are peoples personal experiences makes me see a deeper feminine point of view.


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