Experimentation of a Teenage Feminist

October 4, 2010

In the site Experimentations of a Teenage Feminist i liked the article “FBomb, Smart Girls, and Ruby the Feminist.” The Fbomb site is where females can express what they are feeling and their opinion and I agree with that. There should be a site where all females could express and write how they feel about different situations. On the site their was a post named Smart Girls at the party and these females write how young girls attempt different jobs. Also about how girls change the world by being themselves.

There is a cute girl named Ruby who is a dancer, singer, actress, and etc. who proclaimed to be a feminist and advocate women’s right. She wrote a book in kindergarten in how boys and girls are equal. She is completely against the stereotypes that females have and that girls can do what boys can. Its true what this little girl says and how she believes that boys and girls are equal. This site is good for feminist to express their irritations that they have and the opinions about women. This article is true how Ruby wrote that book because when boys are young they have the tendency to think they are better than the girls. Girls are equal to boys and can do as much as the boys can even though society and stereotypes say we can’t.


3 Responses to “Experimentation of a Teenage Feminist”

  1. When we are little kids tv shows us that boys are always stronger and better.

  2. nayasian Says:

    There are plently of tv shows and real life situations that try to indicate how guys are better and stronger then girls, but it is not always true. In my opinion females are just equal as males.

  3. nnieves Says:

    i totally agree with you on your opinion because i feel the same. Woman can do absolutely anything a man is capable of doing. In my opinion there are more things a woman can do that a man would never in a million years be able to do. However, with the website for feminist, i think that would be a great idea because slowly but shortly our thoughts would be out for the world to realize and we will conquer the world.

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