“FBOMB, Smart Girls, and Ruby the Feminist!” (Dean W. Williams)

October 3, 2010

Being a man and not a feminist, I have never herd of the site “FBOMB.” After reading and visiting the site I concluded that it was an internet site for young feminist to express there feelings about feminism to other feminist. I am all for feminism but I think this site is pointless. People are going onto a website to blog about things that pretty much everybody else on the site is going to agree with. So in essence this site is just to make people feel better about themselves through gratification. I think to be a true effective feminist you need to speak out and debate those that do not agree with you.

But when it comes to cute little Ruby I completely agree and love what she is doing. She is only seven years old and proving to all the immature boys that think they’re better and stronger than she is, that she can keep up and be better than them. Ruby is very rare, to be only 7 and to have an opinion as strong as hers about a huge topic like this. I think that she is a role model not for feminist but for young people in general.

Lets face it, most older ignorant men are not going to take a teen feminist seriously. But it is still important to speak out about your beliefs and develop strong opinions so you can prove people wrong.


One Response to ““FBOMB, Smart Girls, and Ruby the Feminist!” (Dean W. Williams)”

  1. I disagree I found some of the blog posts in that websites to be pretty interesting.

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