Experimentations of a Teenage Feminist

October 3, 2010

Want a better chance of getting married, ladies? Drop an I.Q (or sixteen)!

 Having a low I.Q guarantees a happy marriage? The role of the women is to tend, care and love their husbands. They are to stay home with children, and men are supposed to bring home the money. The only person who has the power and control should be the man of the family. Wives shouldn’t have a career of any sort other than house work.

Based on the blog, a man will never date any woman who is in a higher position than they are or marry a woman who has a higher pay. The man is to lead the woman and give her a carefree life. A woman who is in a high position will have difficulty finding a husband because they are characterized as manly and neglectful of their familial duties. I found this blog interesting because there are still so much stereotypes and sex discrimination. I don’t understand why there are still people who think that women are only supposed to be mothers and wives. It is the twenty first century but women can’t be equal as men. There are many women who are mothers and highly respected politician. There is no career that women can’t succeed in and studies also shown that there are a higher percentage of women in college than men nowadays.

 Women and men are equal in every way possible; women don’t have to be the stay home mothers. There are men that are stay home fathers, while their wives go to work every day and bring home the money. Women have been look down upon for so many centuries and also as being weak. We are able to rule at home and the work place.


2 Responses to “Experimentations of a Teenage Feminist”

  1. dww0103 Says:

    I hate the stereotype that you are less than a man if your wife makes more money than you. In my case I want my wife to make way more money than me so I don’t have to work as hard.

  2. I also dont like this stereo type because i seen a whole bunch of women working and taking care of their children which isn’t easy at all.

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