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October 3, 2010

Experimentations of a Teenage Feminist: Want a better chance of getting married, ladies? Drop an I.Q. point (or sixteen)

Based on the blog, it explains how men are less likely to marry a woman if she makes more money than them. Unfortunately, in our society men are seen as the bread winners and women must stay at home and care for the house and the kids. Studies show that men are in fact intimidated by women who are competitive and self-sufficient because they feel that they are incapable of also being friendly, nurturing and compassionate. Based on this study it further explains that certainly there is inequality between men and women. Why is it fair if that a man can be smart, independent and practical and respected for it but women are penalized for being independent, intelligent and pro-active?

The foreseen role of a woman is to tend for, care and love their husbands. They are supposed to stay home with the children and men are supposed to bring home the money. Men are in intimidated by a woman who is independent and hardworking because they feel that it is not their “place” to be active in a working environment, such as politics. Most female politicians are frowned upon because men feel that they cannot be strong enough to take care of the job but however, if a woman is responsible in the job and takes firm action they are look down upon because they are being too tough; not of a woman’s nature.

In essence, men and women should be treated equally and there should not be a double standard of what work a man can do or a female. There is no career that is fit for only men or only women so there is no reason for there too be gender discrimination against men and women in the workplace. There are many women who play a significant role in our working society as well as men so there is no need for working discrimination. Hopefully, society can move pass the gender discrimination and give people jobs based on the work ethics not because of their sex.


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