FBomb and Experimentations of a Teenage Feminist: Candy Chen

October 2, 2010

Cover Girl Culture:

In the F Bomb blog, the author bought up an excellent point, most young teenagers were asked if they would like to become models and they all said yes because they want to become famous. I am not saying that becoming a model is a bad idea because having a dream to become “your future” self, however what is shown in the video within the website the girls said that they would like to change the size of their body and even their appearance, their face. Within the video the Cover Girl models were all skinny to the point where their spine, hip bones, and even the rib cage is showing, is this something the girls even thought about when they said they want to change the size of their body? Also, why would they girls would want to change their appearance, it is something that their parents gave them and I think they should be proud of who they are and not think how prettier they can get. Each individual is beautiful in their own way and what matters is what is in their heart and the actions they preform shows their beauty. Also this is not all what Cover Girls models are telling the teenagers, they way the models are putting layers and layers of make-up on their face is telling the teenagers that they need make-up in order to look beautiful. However each time the make-up is applied the more you would feel dependent on it. I think that make-up is a kind of depressant because when you don’t have make up on you feel that you look ugly and out of place, however that is not what most women thinks of themselves. Women should rely more on their inner beauty instead what is shown on the outside.

“Souls Speak Out” Against Domestic Violence

Most women are abused by parents, their spouses, or even from a stranger because men wants to demonstrate their power they have over women. Most rape crime occurs to women because women doesn’t “have” the power to fight against the men and because of this some women let this continue to them (they don’t know what to do, how to fight back) and others thinks it is the end of their lives (something like that happened to them), however there are some agencies built to help those in need from the abusing.


One Response to “FBomb and Experimentations of a Teenage Feminist: Candy Chen”

  1. nnieves Says:

    I absolutely agree with you about how beauty should be within and not only the outside appearance. The industry and society has created a way of thinking that only make-up makes you pretty or being a super model makes you better than another female. Changing what a person looks on the outside just creates another person who is not the real you. If one is not satisfied and confident with there selves, know one else is going to respect you as a person either. It shouldn’t matter what other people , what matters is that your comfortable and happy with your self.

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