Classes of a Slumdog Millionaire

September 21, 2010

Upper, Middle, and Lower classes. Unfortunately enough, depending upon your class you tend to be automatically judged as to what type of person you are. In the movie, “Slumdog millionaire” by Danny Boyle, the main character Salim is a perfect example of a person who was judged based off of his class, which just so happened to be lower. Growing up Salim was begging for money just to make enough money to feed himself. Though he didn’t attend school these streets taught him a lot, which society soon learned when he appears on the television show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. As he walked, begged, and hustled on the streets he gains enough knowledge to learn things that he would have in school to achieve his goal at winning the show. Like in society today the upper classes are more respected then he lower class. The upper classes are expected to be highly educated, should be able to complete hard tasks. But little do they know not all lower class citizens fall under the unintelligent category. From watching the movie Slum dog Millionaire, and living in the society today. I have realized that the problems that we face everyday with class are not only what we are experience but also what we are exposed to in our media, including movies magazines, and software.


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