Albino Killing Outrage

September 21, 2010

     Recently throughout Africa there has been an outbreak of killings of albinos. To back track the condition, albinism is congenital disorder causing complete loss of pigment of the skin, hair, and eyes due to absences of enzymes involving the making of melanin. In Africa there are many different beliefs that albinos are either cursed upon the family, or witchdoctors have claimed that some of their body parts put in potion can make people rich, and albinos are also considered as ghost like creatures opposed to humans. In the past month four albinos were found dead with some of their limbs cut off. In the country Tanzania there are more than 150,000 cases of people with albinism, 8,000 registered Tanzania Albino Society (TAS). In this country most women with this condition, along with red eyes are immediately executed after being accused of witch craft. Fortunately, the people responsible for these killings are being prosecuted for their actions. But it is extremely unfortunate how theses innocent people are getting punished for nothing. Scientifically it has been proven that this is an uncontrollable defect in the human gene. It is hard to change people’s belief but in Africa people’s beliefs are that albinos transmit magical powers. In the three categories Race, Class, Gender albinos fall under their own category through the eyes of some citizens of Africa. This is sad because in reality these people who suffer from albinism are really just ordinary men, women, children, living their lives. They are being judge for what they look like on the outside, and even worse killed for their innocence.


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