Power to the women :]

September 20, 2010

Jenna Wynne
GRC Media Reaction Paper

Ever since the beginning of time woman have been in some way considered second class when compared to their male counterparts. This worldwide fighting issue is called Feminism. Women all over the world, for many centuries have been fighting to gain the equality they have deserved all along.
In the Movie “A league of their Own” a 1992 film about the hardships women had to face in order to make a living and a life. The film is set during WWII when the men were drafted and sent to war. During this period of time women wanted to pursue a career in Women’s baseball and prove to all that they can be just as good, maybe even better than men.  Women went into this challenge with a lot of pressure and doubts but were in it for the fight. In the beginning the All American Women’s baseball team were being criticized for not owning up to their goals they set before the league was started. The women at the end of the season had an outstanding winning streak and proved to all that they were just as good, actually better than the male baseball team.  The females were very successful. Women had to strive to get us to where we are today and now we have the equaility we have wanted all alone. Mostly men were mocking the women and talking about how they were not going to last long. This issue was a very touchy subject to women who were fighting against sexism.
Many topics and specific ideas that have been mentioned in this course are very much related to the harsh idea of feminism.  Many historical women throughout time have been struggling to fight against this heinous crime. Finally now in 2010, we had a female running for the democratic party candidate, which is an awesome accomplishment for us women.


2 Responses to “Power to the women :]”

  1. Thank you for giving such a clear definition of feminism. The concept is so misunderstood that I appreciate anyone who can describe it in a simple way and provide an example.

  2. dww0103 Says:

    “A League of Their Own” used to be my favorite movie. I agree that Hilary Clinton running for president is a great accomplishment but woman had many great accomplishments way before Hilary’s time.

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