Media Reaction- Teresa Allen

September 20, 2010

The Movie “Mean Girls”  released in April 2004 portrays how rough high school can be, but specifically on how horrible girls can be to each other.  Through out the movie you see Cady Heron played by Lindsey Lohan  the” new girl”  of her public school tries to fit in and becomes friend with two groups of friends. The first people she encounters in the movie are Damian and Janis who consider to be the “freaks and geeks” of their school. Then she meets  the most beautiful and popular group in her school known as the “Plastics”. Here you see how goes from being the “nice girl” to becoming a deceitful, scheming, lying “bitch” as they would say. Throughout the movie you can see how the “Plastics” use their appearances, clothing, and body image to gain popularity of there peers; for example,  during the movie the “Plastics” participate in the schools talent show singing “jingle-bell rock” in tight sexy santa outfits.  The girls flaunt their bodies to the people who are not on their social level to show dominance in which they can flaunt something that other cannot  easily grasp. More or else setting  a standard for those in the school to abide by. With that being said do women feel more dominant and in control by using they’re sex appeal and promiscuity?

Clip from movie:


One Response to “Media Reaction- Teresa Allen”

  1. nayasian Says:

    High School, and just life in general can be rough especially with people judging others by looks, body type, and what they wear to get attention. Those females with the nice bodies such as the “plastics” do feel they have more power because of their sex appeal.

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