Media Reaction

September 20, 2010

In the series “Huge” is about seven teen girls that go to a weight lose camp. They are over weight girls who are struggling to lose weight. In the first episode as they get to the camp all the girls have a low self-esteem and are not comfortable in their own bodies. One of the main characters Will was forced to go to this camp and becomes rebellious and is determined not to lose weight. She starts meeting the other girls and becomes friends with a girl named Becca who had lost weight the summer before but gained it all back. Will decides to start selling candy to the other girls which she is not supposed to and one of the girls took advantage of her selling candy. But the other girls don’t like the fact that she is selling the candy is they tattle on her. Will gets kicked out of the camp but then they give her a second chance and she takes it. As the series continues these girls start losing weight and start feeling a little more comfortable with their body.

In this society many girls struggle with their weight because society says that girls have to be skinny and have that perfect bodies. Teen girls have self-esteem issues, don’t feel comfortable with their own bodies and can be depressed because of their bodies.Many girls look into the mirror and observe each fat that they have in their body which is bad and start doing different unhealthy things to lose weight and making themselves sick.  The media makes it worse since celebrities get made fun of if they gain weight or are overweight. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and can’t have that perfect body that the media or every other person says that girls have to have. Each girl should feel comfortable in their own body and feel good about themselves no matter which shape or size they are.


2 Responses to “Media Reaction”

  1. cckazu Says:

    I think your last statement is true: “Each girl should feel comfortable in their own body and feel good about themselves no matter which shape or size they are.” Some girls doesn’t mind how they look like or what others would say to them about their sizes, however most girls looks a society as a one big critic and is afraid to be who they really are. Also in the past the “ideal” girl is always skinny and to this day this idea is passed on causing the “overweight” girls feel what they feel. But who really knows the exact definition for the “ideal” girl? So girls shouldn’t look at their outer appearance, but what is inside their hearts.

  2. spozminouri Says:

    Great post! I think the media is stepping out of the box with this new show. We usually see women that are really skinny in prime time TV shows but in ‘Huge’ the actress are of all shapes and sizes. Women should feel comfortable the way they are and should not feel pressure to change.

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