Media Reaction 1- What Being FAT Really Means.

September 20, 2010

The article “Fat is a Feminist Issue” deals with many topics women can relate with.  The author, Susie Orbach discusses how being fat is not an issue of over eating or self-control; it’s a way women protect themselves, it’s a representation of inequality.  Orbach states that being fat is a way of breaking society and media’s stereotypes.  In order for women to be accepted they need to find a partner.  Because of the high power of the media, women believe they need to look like the models in magazines and advertisements to find the ideal partner.  Orbach states how a women’s body is supposed to change as the fashion trends change.  In the 1960’s women were suppose to be skinny, flat chested and have long straight hair.  Whereas, in the 1970’s women were suppose to have curly hair and fuller breasts.  Being fat to Orbach is a way of protecting oneself from the materialistic ways of the world.

Orbach’s argument goes against the way women are supposed to perform.  The norms society has set are for women to be the glamorous housewife.  They have to perform all the duties of a mother and wife, yet still be stylish and beautiful.  Women who work outside of the house have to fill the role of being a supermom; in addition to work, they are responsible for all the duties of a mother and wife, while still being beautiful, attractive and stylish.  By being fat, women challenge the performance society and media has set for them. They do not want to conform to the ways of society and media; they do not want to be part of an artificial world.


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