Media #1 Harper Gregory

September 20, 2010

Harper Gregory

Gender , Race and  Class.

In the movie She’s the Man the girls soccer team gets cancelled but the boys team still remains. Viola, one of the girls on the soccer team, asks to join the boys team, but they do not allow this.

Viola’s mother tries to teach her to be ‘lady like’ and become a debutante, but Viola likes to play soccer and is viewed as a tomboy in the movie. Viola also has a twin brother named Sebastian who is a musician. He then decides to sneak off to London to play music for two weeks, so Viola gets the idea to pretend to be her twin brother so she can join the boys soccer team. With the help of her friends Viola is transformed into a boy through; a wig, clothing, and the identity as her brother. She tries out for the boys soccer team and ends up making the team but finds it hard to keep her identity as a boy. Later on in the movie a couple people catch on that he is a she, and she comes out tells everyone she is indeed a girl. Everyone was shocked including the soccer coach but he proceeded to let her play as a girl on the boys soccer team, he saw that she was a good player regardless of her sex.

This movie is a great example of gender. She was obviously born as a female and but she does not act like society expects her to. Her mother especially pushes her to being ‘lady like’ and to have proper etiquette but she is more of a tomboy so she would rather play sports and be one of the boys and be treated as their equal. She basically just wants be treated equally with the boys  rather than compared to them.


3 Responses to “Media #1 Harper Gregory”

  1. S. Tan Says:

    I agree that girls and guys should be treated equally. A lot of sports teams dont allow women to play which is really wrong. I know that a lot of girls can play certain sport way better than guys

  2. nayasian Says:

    Females are always under estimated when it comes to duties men are expected to perform, such as sports. I agree that it was fair to continue to let her play on the soccer team, her gender shouldn’t have determined her skills to begin with.

  3. spozminouri Says:

    I definitely agree, women and men shouldn’t be judged on how they can perform because of their sex. She obviously does not perform the traditional duties of her gender and is comfortable not following them.

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