fat as a feminist issue

September 20, 2010

Nayasia Nieves
Professor Petrino
Gender, Race, and Class
September 20, 2010

         After reading an article in “Fat as a Feminist issue” by Susie Orbach i have more of an understanding to why people have a low self-esteem when it comes to their weight, especially when it comes to women. Being thin and petite had been the ordeal dream girl for men, how ever it has created an impact on the women on the heavier side. No woman should go out of her way trying to fit her body what its not. 

    Frequent television shows, commercials and actual situations in reality has made it clear that women that were in shape with nice hair were  the type men searched for. Men wanted these beautiful women to have as a wife, mother of their kids, and also a sex symbol. Therefore those who weren’t skinny and in shape felt they had to do what was necessary too loose the weight to become available to gain attention.
             Commercials advertising dietary plans and ways to loose weight must put a mind set in females head that they have to be that certain body type, or giving an idea that they weren’t good enough as they were. In other words why aren’t their shows and/or commercials letting it be known that it is ok to be your self, your own body weight and not go on crazy diets like every one else seems to be going along with. Females big or small should be loved and cared for as they are.


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