Media Artifact Reactions- Candy Chen

September 18, 2010

In the recent movie from the Twilight series, New Moon has been released last November. The beginning of the movie starts off with, Edward “leaving” her in order to protect her from him, however Bella could not bear the thought of “living” without him. As a result throughout the first half of the movie she tries to perform reckless actions in order to “see” him telling her not to sacrifice her life for his. The way Stephanie Meyers and the movie producer brought up the theme was for Bella to have an innocent love, in which Edward is her “destined and eternal” lover. However this also had another meaning behind her personality, which the producer and author failed to acknowledge and that is the theme of a woman needing a man, for she “can not” live without him. Don’t be mistaken Stephanie Meyers has written a book with an excellent storyline, however the theme just makes some readers angry for what she is portraying. However if this series was written in the 1900s then this theme would be fine because at that time, women had the role of taking care of the children and of the household chores and as for the men had to work to “support” the family and the family’s income. Therefore this series could “teach” the women, that the male is and will be always dominant, but written this series during this time is just telling the readers the women can not do anything without men and during this time women are no longer kept in the house, but they are also working along side with the husband to support the family. Not only women are working outside of the household, but also within the household and only “some” men work within the household, this shows that men did not fully evolved from the thought of doing a “women’s” job.

However this is the not the only concern of what the theme of the movie provides for the view. In most movies, songs would be played for the event that is happening and some of the songs that were played in the movie is “I Belong to You” by MUSE and “Slow Life” by Grizzly Bear. And in these songs the lyrics “And I’ll owe everything to you,” “I belong to you,” and “Take anything you want, it’s fine” is something that struck out to me and it seems to fit perfectly in the theme of the movie. Why do women have to owe, give, and belong to men. Women should have their own mind set in what equality means for both men and women and to me it seems weird why did women take so long to perform the Women Rights Movement, but it is better than never.

Reading and watching the movies make me think if Stephanie Meyers was taught that mindset and if that happened in her household her her to thinking this is all based on romance for a woman to not be able to live just for a man.


4 Responses to “Media Artifact Reactions- Candy Chen”

  1. 10allent Says:

    Women don’t always have to be dependent on man. For example, single mothers can do just find raising children and a household by themselves. Some women may want a man in the house but they don’t NEED one to take care of them or provide them security. I feel that the Twilight Saga portrays women as being weak and always depending on a man such as Bella always depending on Edward to make her happy. I feel that the Twilight series portrays an unlikely idea of what romance is. Meaning, that all “perfect men” are loving, compassionate, and romantic. Even in today’s society people are still influenced by their ideas of romanticism, of how a man should always go great lengths in order to profess their love to a woman. Which is not always the case. Men don’t always have to go great lengths in order to show their love and affection towards a women. Sometimes it can be shown through the simplest acts; such as holding a door open for a girl. So I do feel that media not only has the ideas and expectations of what women what but also how men need to portray themselves in order to be that “perfect guy”.

  2. dww0103 Says:

    I strongly agree with your point of view on the Twilight series. I have also always wondered the same thing, why did it take women so long to perform the woman’s rights movement?

  3. jwynne777 Says:

    Twilight is such a good movie and could definitely work for the media article! I would have never thought of this 😀

  4. S. Tan Says:

    i agree with your point that Bella always need to be protected by Edward but i guess its what all girls want in a way. A guy to protect them from danger but I wish that she can stand up for her own sometimes

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