Upper, Middle, and Lower classes. Unfortunately enough, depending upon your class you tend to be automatically judged as to what type of person you are. In the movie, “Slumdog millionaire” by Danny Boyle, the main character Salim is a perfect example of a person who was judged based off of his class, which just so happened to be lower. Growing up Salim was begging for money just to make enough money to feed himself. Though he didn’t attend school these streets taught him a lot, which society soon learned when he appears on the television show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. As he walked, begged, and hustled on the streets he gains enough knowledge to learn things that he would have in school to achieve his goal at winning the show. Like in society today the upper classes are more respected then he lower class. The upper classes are expected to be highly educated, should be able to complete hard tasks. But little do they know not all lower class citizens fall under the unintelligent category. From watching the movie Slum dog Millionaire, and living in the society today. I have realized that the problems that we face everyday with class are not only what we are experience but also what we are exposed to in our media, including movies magazines, and software.


Fruit of the Loom

September 21, 2010

Commercials usually use stereotypes in order to target a specific audience. Usually they are very indirect, but since society is built on certain images and how things should be everyone just knows who commercials are for.

This one specific commercial caught my attention because it is very straightforward and touches every stereotype we spoke about in class. It is a Fruit of the Loom commercial for men’s underwear. The commercial has a group of men singing in a deep voice. The deep voice is used to show how manly they are and how strong they are. The men in the commercial are all in uniform of typical manly jobs, for example, lumberjacks, doctors, construction workers, etc. and it all tied in with what we learned in class. There are certain jobs or careers dominated by men simply because of an image that people are afraid to ruin.

In this commercial there is one woman. This woman is a waitress at a restaurant. I didn’t pay much attention to it the first time I saw the commercial, but when you think about it, it says a lot about how women are viewed in society and about what their roles should be.


Albino Killing Outrage

September 21, 2010

     Recently throughout Africa there has been an outbreak of killings of albinos. To back track the condition, albinism is congenital disorder causing complete loss of pigment of the skin, hair, and eyes due to absences of enzymes involving the making of melanin. In Africa there are many different beliefs that albinos are either cursed upon the family, or witchdoctors have claimed that some of their body parts put in potion can make people rich, and albinos are also considered as ghost like creatures opposed to humans. In the past month four albinos were found dead with some of their limbs cut off. In the country Tanzania there are more than 150,000 cases of people with albinism, 8,000 registered Tanzania Albino Society (TAS). In this country most women with this condition, along with red eyes are immediately executed after being accused of witch craft. Fortunately, the people responsible for these killings are being prosecuted for their actions. But it is extremely unfortunate how theses innocent people are getting punished for nothing. Scientifically it has been proven that this is an uncontrollable defect in the human gene. It is hard to change people’s belief but in Africa people’s beliefs are that albinos transmit magical powers. In the three categories Race, Class, Gender albinos fall under their own category through the eyes of some citizens of Africa. This is sad because in reality these people who suffer from albinism are really just ordinary men, women, children, living their lives. They are being judge for what they look like on the outside, and even worse killed for their innocence.

fat as a feminist issue

September 20, 2010

Nayasia Nieves
Professor Petrino
Gender, Race, and Class
September 20, 2010

         After reading an article in “Fat as a Feminist issue” by Susie Orbach i have more of an understanding to why people have a low self-esteem when it comes to their weight, especially when it comes to women. Being thin and petite had been the ordeal dream girl for men, how ever it has created an impact on the women on the heavier side. No woman should go out of her way trying to fit her body what its not. 

    Frequent television shows, commercials and actual situations in reality has made it clear that women that were in shape with nice hair were  the type men searched for. Men wanted these beautiful women to have as a wife, mother of their kids, and also a sex symbol. Therefore those who weren’t skinny and in shape felt they had to do what was necessary too loose the weight to become available to gain attention.
             Commercials advertising dietary plans and ways to loose weight must put a mind set in females head that they have to be that certain body type, or giving an idea that they weren’t good enough as they were. In other words why aren’t their shows and/or commercials letting it be known that it is ok to be your self, your own body weight and not go on crazy diets like every one else seems to be going along with. Females big or small should be loved and cared for as they are.

Media #1 Harper Gregory

September 20, 2010

Harper Gregory

Gender , Race and  Class.

In the movie She’s the Man the girls soccer team gets cancelled but the boys team still remains. Viola, one of the girls on the soccer team, asks to join the boys team, but they do not allow this.

Viola’s mother tries to teach her to be ‘lady like’ and become a debutante, but Viola likes to play soccer and is viewed as a tomboy in the movie. Viola also has a twin brother named Sebastian who is a musician. He then decides to sneak off to London to play music for two weeks, so Viola gets the idea to pretend to be her twin brother so she can join the boys soccer team. With the help of her friends Viola is transformed into a boy through; a wig, clothing, and the identity as her brother. She tries out for the boys soccer team and ends up making the team but finds it hard to keep her identity as a boy. Later on in the movie a couple people catch on that he is a she, and she comes out tells everyone she is indeed a girl. Everyone was shocked including the soccer coach but he proceeded to let her play as a girl on the boys soccer team, he saw that she was a good player regardless of her sex.

This movie is a great example of gender. She was obviously born as a female and but she does not act like society expects her to. Her mother especially pushes her to being ‘lady like’ and to have proper etiquette but she is more of a tomboy so she would rather play sports and be one of the boys and be treated as their equal. She basically just wants be treated equally with the boys  rather than compared to them.

Power to the women :]

September 20, 2010

Jenna Wynne
GRC Media Reaction Paper

Ever since the beginning of time woman have been in some way considered second class when compared to their male counterparts. This worldwide fighting issue is called Feminism. Women all over the world, for many centuries have been fighting to gain the equality they have deserved all along.
In the Movie “A league of their Own” a 1992 film about the hardships women had to face in order to make a living and a life. The film is set during WWII when the men were drafted and sent to war. During this period of time women wanted to pursue a career in Women’s baseball and prove to all that they can be just as good, maybe even better than men.  Women went into this challenge with a lot of pressure and doubts but were in it for the fight. In the beginning the All American Women’s baseball team were being criticized for not owning up to their goals they set before the league was started. The women at the end of the season had an outstanding winning streak and proved to all that they were just as good, actually better than the male baseball team.  The females were very successful. Women had to strive to get us to where we are today and now we have the equaility we have wanted all alone. Mostly men were mocking the women and talking about how they were not going to last long. This issue was a very touchy subject to women who were fighting against sexism.
Many topics and specific ideas that have been mentioned in this course are very much related to the harsh idea of feminism.  Many historical women throughout time have been struggling to fight against this heinous crime. Finally now in 2010, we had a female running for the democratic party candidate, which is an awesome accomplishment for us women.

Media Reaction- Teresa Allen

September 20, 2010

The Movie “Mean Girls”  released in April 2004 portrays how rough high school can be, but specifically on how horrible girls can be to each other.  Through out the movie you see Cady Heron played by Lindsey Lohan  the” new girl”  of her public school tries to fit in and becomes friend with two groups of friends. The first people she encounters in the movie are Damian and Janis who consider to be the “freaks and geeks” of their school. Then she meets  the most beautiful and popular group in her school known as the “Plastics”. Here you see how goes from being the “nice girl” to becoming a deceitful, scheming, lying “bitch” as they would say. Throughout the movie you can see how the “Plastics” use their appearances, clothing, and body image to gain popularity of there peers; for example,  during the movie the “Plastics” participate in the schools talent show singing “jingle-bell rock” in tight sexy santa outfits.  The girls flaunt their bodies to the people who are not on their social level to show dominance in which they can flaunt something that other cannot  easily grasp. More or else setting  a standard for those in the school to abide by. With that being said do women feel more dominant and in control by using they’re sex appeal and promiscuity?

Clip from movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Dw7GE_BYjI