The writer of this article explains her first reaction in her first women’s studies class. She explains that she is not a feminist because she hates men, but she is a feminist because women are strong and independent, because women have rights, because there are some women that still do not have a voice, and lastly she says that feminism is awesome.

My case was a lot different. The reason that I wanted to take women’s studies was because it seemed like a very interesting class and I thought that taking it would give me a different perspective on gender, race, and class. Throughout the semester I actually enjoyed my women’s studies class but I am definitely not a feminist. Even though feminists don’t want to be viewed as angry women that have something against men, it seems like it. Whenever I read articles about feminists it sounds like they are just mad men hating women. I understand that feminism is a very important issue but sometimes the view I get from it, is its just a bunch of man hating women complaining about stuff.


I understand what this article is trying to say. Its trying to say that there is nothing worse out there than racists, rapists, or wife beaters. These people are the scum of the earth and deserve nothing else but to live in unhappiness and misery for the rest of their lives. But to say that you rather run into a zombie than when of these three types of people, is ridiculous.

I understand that the author of this article is not being literal, but to compare these people to a zombie is stretching it. First of all zombies are fictional characters and we don’t actually know if they are racist or not. Actually in most zombie movies, the zombies target mostly hispanic people and women. So clearly this article is false because if the writer did his research then he would know that zombies do discriminate. The one thing the writer got correct was that zombies do eat everything in sight but they target mostly women and hispanics. Other than the false zombie comments, I do agree with the article that racists, rapists, and wife beaters are the cum of the earth.

30 Hoops-Dean W. Williams

December 21, 2010

I understand what this young girl went through. Although I am not a woman, I was abnormally tall as a young boy and everybody wanted me on there basketball team not because I was good, but because I was very tall. Throughout my grade school years, people were constantly commenting on my height and it really annoyed me. Once I got into high school I finally grew into my body and now I love my height. I cannot completely sympathize her because she, being a girl, she had a lot more to deal with than I did. I agree with her that having something unique about you helps out a lot. When people finally mature and stop making fun of you because of your height, the realize that it is actually a great thing. Everybody has something about them that will make them feel special, they just have to figure out what it is.

Wouldn’t Get far – The Game ft. Kanye West

“Wouldn’t get far” is a track from ” The Doctors Advocate” by The game. In this particular track that features Kanye West, it talks about women in Hip hop. More specifically women in Hip hop videos. When rappers speak about women usually they refer to them in a derogatory manor. Often rappers use the “B” word when talking about women. Not only this but also they are portrayed to only degrade women. In this song  The Game and Kanye west call out these “video vixens” and show them in a negative way. They say they have sexual relations with rappers so they can get famous. In one of The Game’s verses he says how he sees the same video models in different rap videos and then appearing on the Oprah show.

I think this song shows how rappers view women but it also shows how women in these videos present themselves. The way the song is written it is like Kanye West and The Game are talking about every video model. I think its derogatory to women and can be said in a less offensive way.


Nayasia Nieves

For as long as I can remember Disney movies with the princesses such as Cinderella, Snow white, Little Mermaid etc. has always been a hit. Every little girl enjoys dressing up as them for Halloween and watching their movies, but have we ever thought about the morals they are putting into these movies. As I thought about it more and more Disney is portraying and supporting the act of slaving and having to be beautiful to find a man. In the movie Cinderella to her evil stepmother and sisters don’t think she has the qualities of a “princess” so they restrict her freedom and force her to chores. Are they trying to relate females having to be beautiful to find love?

Finally after years since princesses have been around Disney decided to make a African American princess. But of course in this new movie “The Princess and the frog” first of all the setting is in New Orleans which where is known to be a poor area where many blacks lived. They also have the image of a black girl doing hard working duties and having to wait for her white friend to help her move on. Also before they changed the name of this movie it was called “the princess frog”. More over what this movie basically shows children and black little girls is that your hard work will never pay off; you need white friends to become something in life and to not dream so big because you are black. Disney movies need to be more positive when they are making movies, especially ones that little kids enjoy watching and look up too.

Nayasia Nieves

As a female who is Pro-Choice towards abortion I found myself able to relate this article by Danielle Burch. In her blog post about abortion she discusses the stereotypes and mal judgments made by others about us who are pro-choice. When a female thinks of abortion or actually gets one there is no doubt about it people are automatically going to assume negative of her. Assumptions such as Danielle mentions “Inhuman baby killers” are a terrible way to judge a person, especially with out knowing their reason. Every women deciding on abortion has there own reasoning. As a US citizen we have the freedom to make our own choices, we don’t need anyone criticizing us for what we choose do to with our bodies. Another stereotype of abortion is that people assume those who get it are just irresponsible and should have “wrapped it up”, NOT TRUE! There are many reasons for abortion such as health/medical conditions, birth defects, birth-control failure, financial stability, rape etc. the list goes on. Women who are pro-choice and leave abortion as an option don’t celebrate the act of ending a baby’s life. No woman wants to suffer and go through the pain and after thoughts of an abortion, but are we happy we have a choice in what we want and can help make better someone? We most definitely are. Statistics show 77% of Anti Abortion leaders are men, 100% of them will never be pregnant. How can they make decisions on something they will never experience is beyond me. Abortion is a personal choice, and no woman choosing it should be judged in any way for it. It is her body and her life she should have the freedom to do as she pleases.

The myth of a latin women

November 29, 2010

After reading and analyzing an article given t o me in class called “The Myth of a

latin woman” by Judice Ortiz Cofer i realized Race and gender is an extremely big deal to

society, and it is not fair in a negative way. People are very quick to be judgmental and

put a label on someone because of their appearance. If you compare the way things used

to be in the past, to the way things are now in the world you will notice a drastic change

about almost everything. However, one thing that seems to be the same is Racism and the

sex of a person.

An example of racism in this article is when the young female Maria was selling her

poetry work in the restaurant. A man with no sense right away thought she was a

waitress and starting singing a disrespectful song in spanish thinking she was a “typical

latina” especially cause of her accent. When reality is that she’s a very successful graduate

with more knowledge than most people. Of course people will always remember the

stereotype given to us Hispanics as whores, criminals and low lives but if you look at the

big picture every race has these type of people and its not fair to judge everyone upon it.

We are all individuals and shouldn’t be categorized and labeled under one stereotype

because we all can make a difference.

Furthermore, another example is when one day at school it was carrier day. The

whole class had to dress up like a professional they were inspired by on television. Except

Maria’s only role model was her mom. At her home when they heard the words “dress

up” it had a totally different understanding. The hispanic culture’s meaning of dress up is

to wear lots of jewelry , heels, make-up and a sexy dress. This applied to almost all ages

as young as about 10 because latin woman are supposed to mature early in life. So, the

next day Maria goes to school like the professional outfit she viewed in her eyes and

everyone humiliated her. When people have no consideration for others it can really put

a person down. Why should the way she dresses because of her culture degrade her as

human in any way?

Not only in the article with Maria, but in life period everything is focused on gender

and race. These two things should be the most irrelevant because it shouldn’t matter if

your black or white, fat or skinny, male or female. When it comes to a job if you have the

personality that fits the task , have a great work ethic and handle your responsibilities i

don’t understand why the prejudice thoughts are even brought up or acknowledged. A

book should never be judged by it’s cover because its whats in the inside that counts.